Farz Uloom (Compulsory Education)


Course Duration: 20 Months

”    طلب العلم فریضۃ علی کل مسلمAcquiring knowledge is obligatory on every Muslim man and woman.” (Volume 1 Hadith No. 224). The knowledge which has been made mandatory in this hadith is of three kinds. 1) Knowledge of beliefs. 2) Knowledge of worships and matters. 3) Knowledge of sin and its avoidance.  The combination of this three knowledge is called Farz Uloom. It is clear from the word Farz Uloom that it is obligatory and necessary for every Muslim man and woman to learn it. If this knowledge is not attained, then the person will be questioned about it and punished in the hereafter. Therefore, every Muslim should at least do this course.

What Will I Learn?

  • What should a Muslim believe in the nature and attributes of Allahﷻ?
  • What is the difference between a prophet and a messenger, and what beliefs should be adopted about them?
  • Beliefs about Jinns, Angels, Heavenly Books, Heaven, Hell, and Matters of the Hereafter.
  • All issues of worship, prayers, fasting, zakat, hajj, sacrifice, etc.
  • Entire problems of marriage, divorce, mahar, iddat, naan nafka, etc.
  • Matters related to buying and selling, rental matters, partnership and interest.
  • Knowledge of hidden and visible sin, its symptoms, method of identification and solution to avoid it.

Material Includes

  • Individual or Group Classes
  • Completion Certificate
  • Female Tutor for Ladies

Target Audience

  • For those over 12 years old.
  • For college and university students.
  • Teachers and Professors.
  • Also for people from all walks of life.