Ibadaat Course (Worship Course)


Course Duration: 6 Months
Allah Almighty has created us for His worship. As our age and work increase, so worship also becomes obligatory on us and we have to learn the knowledge of the worship that are becoming compulsory upon us. Obviously, it is not possible to do any work accurately without knowledge. For example, it is obligatory for a child to offer prayers only after he becomes mature, so it is also mandatory for him to learn information. If this knowledge is not learned, then the person will become a sinner.

What Will I Learn?

  • Time of prayers, its duties, obligations and all the matters that make the prayers invalid.
  • What is fasting, what are the essentials in fasting, what are the things that break the fast?
  • Problems and ordinance of Zakat, for example, Zakat is mandatory on a person for how much wealth, who is sahib-e-nisaab, to whom should Zakat be paid, etc.
  • What is the sacrifice, who is obligated to do it, what animal has to be sacrificed and when to do it, all such issues and judgments?
  • All information regarding Hajj and Umrah.

Material Includes

  • Complete Course (E-Book)
  • Completion Certificate
  • Female Tutor for Ladies

Target Audience

  • It is compulsory for every person on whom worship has become obligatory
  • Especially parents.
  • New Muslim.