Taharat Course (Purification Course)


Course Duration: 4 Months
The meaning of Taharat is to attain purity. The religion of Islam has strongly emphasized on a Muslim to be pure, even declared purity to be half faith. In addition, purity has been declared necessary for the performance of many acts of worship. That is why every sane and mature Muslim man and woman must learn the issues concerning purity according to the Shariah.

What Will I Learn?

  • Complete ordinance and issues of ablution, bath and dry ablution(tayammum).
  • Problems of menstruation (haiz), postpartum (nifas) andmetasomatism (istihaza) for women.
  • What are the types of impurities and what are its commands?
  • How many types of water are there and from which we can attain purity?
  • How to clean clothes, floor, carpets, utensils, shoes, bed sheets, furniture and other items?

Material Includes

  • Different Course for Children and Adults (E-Book)
  • Completion Certificate
  • Female Tutor for Ladies

Target Audience

  • It is mandatory for every person on whom worship has become obligatory.
  • Especially parents.
  • New Muslim.