Tattoos are Halal or Haram?

Jawwad Ahmed asked 2 years ago

Dear Sir,
I hope that you would be able to answer my queries by using your really long experience that you have in the field of Islam.
My first confusion is that I am not clear whether Islam has clearly disallowed the tattoos to be made on body? I have read many Hadiths which state that tattoos are not allowed but some say that at the time of PBUH the tattoos were of some other type than they are today so tattoos can be made on body and they are Halal today. Secondly I have read that tattoos are allowed to be made in Islam if they are just simple designs, they are only disallowed in a condition if they illustrate or show any picture of any animal, idol or human being. So please tell me whether Tattoos are Halal or Haram?
I would be really glad if you would kindly answer my queries as soon as possible.
Yours Faithfully,

1 Answers
Mufti Muhammad Shoaib Sahab Staff answered 2 years ago

Answer: Salam,
           tattoo in which needle and color injected is not allowed in islam.